The Common Sensical

In a time like today where the world is blooming with digitization across horizons, a teenager gets exposed to digital inclusion before financial inclusion. This is rather a contemporary world of netizens looking out for businesses that engages and communicates promptly. SMBs that are unable to shed the time, bandwidth and funds to cater to it with their in-house teams.
We at Commous aspire to capitalize on this need-gap analysis and help our partner-businesses (clientele) to ace through the changing dynamics of the Consumer market by empowering SMB’s to leverage cutting edge Technologies like AI,ML,Blockchain etc thus pushing businesses to break-through conventional decision making efficiencies to intrinsic intelligence that is trusted, real time, accurate and continuously learning.

Commous also has numerous product offerings for all the prime industries which are enveloping the society today. Commous analyzes the products exhaustively according to the captioned industry's requirements.
Commous solutions are applicable in various industries such as financial (fintech) technology, Education technology, health care, FMCG, and Manufacturing,etc. Low-code development eliminates the complexity seeping from building an extraordinary modern-day business applications. Commous solutions of low-code benefits organizations to adjust swiftly and react to a rapidly-changing dynamic business ecosystem.
Commous will offer SMB’s a full customizability from start to finish. We will serve more like an E-commerce website for technology products. Main products are low code – no code operating systems which will be easy to use along with the web applications that will have both front end and back end assistance.

Commous: A Sensical

How It Works ?

Low Code/ No Code Website

Low code/no code Website builder will be a saas based graphic software program that allows the users to create a website using form based or drag and drop UI enabling them to create websites.

Low Code/ No Code Web App

Low code / no code Web App builder will be a SAAS based graphic software program that allows an enterprise (business) & local (lay-men) developers to create a Web Application using form based or drag and drop UI enabling them to create dynamic as well as static web application (apps).

Low code No Code Integration

A No-code Low-code integration platform which will give the integration features of 3rd party softwares as well as commous’s product marketplace . Single click integrations for commous products and a form based integration service for the 3rd Party services.

Lowcode AI Helper

Artificial intelligence is a technology that leverages applications by reducing the errors as well as human interaction. AI based reporting, fraud detection, recommendation, Chatbots, predictions, analysis are some of the helpers which can enhance the application. Low code integrations of such services lets Commous take the upper hand in the market.

Low code/no code
blockchain/D apps builder

Block-chain is a cutting edge technology which has been in demand in the 21st century . A marketplace as well as low-code infrastructure to integrate the blockchain technology in the web applications helps businesses to centralize/decentralize the application with enhanced security.

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