Commous Platform

Commous community platform is an online space where a group of unified Developers are encouraged to interact with each other , participate in events and hackathons and hold open discussions about their common interests, goals or beliefs.

Why is Commous the best
Digital Transformation partner ?

Platform - Developers are required to create their developer profile during registration which include their projects, skills, experience, and so on. Developers can register using linkedin, google, or any email. They are given some rankings or ratings based on their profile. The profile created on the platform or any achievements can be shared on any other social media platform easily. Developers can create new avatars which will be unique.

Post - Developers can post on any topics which also include media files like images, videos, documents, code files. Being a developer community, the users can share code in any post using a specific editor. Every post can be shared across the platform like in discussions, blogs, etc.

Queries - Developers can create queries and answer to the other queries. The search in the queries will give best results during the search. Every query can be tagged with related topics which will be helpful in categorising the queries. Any Developer can bookmark a query to receive notifications when a new answer is added to that selected query. Each answer will have an upvote and can also add comments to the answers. Creator of the query can pin an answer such that the pinned answer will be at the top. And, also using the number of upvotes the answers will be sorted accordingly.

Discussion Forum - Developers can start a discussion on any topics such as new software updates, new tech products, etc. In the discussion, developers can share media files, links.
Articles - Developers can write new articles on any topic. There will be an interactive Editor to write and include media files in the article. The articles can be shared on any other social media platform.
Ideas/Projects - Developers can post new ideas and projects to get feedback and suggestions. Developers can also find mutually interested developers to work on the new ideas and projects. Developers can create project timeline and can collaborate on the repository.
Repository - The repository will be similar to the github with some additional features like project timeline management and team collaboration using chats, video calls, screen sharing.
Hackathons and Competitions - To maintain continuous engagement hackathons and competitions will be conducted. In every competition developers will receive digital badges and swags.
Podcasts - In recent times, podcasts have gained popularity. Developers can create new podcasts on trending topics.
Meetups - Developers can create meetups and can conduct online sessions to teach new topics and can share the meetups across other social media platforms.

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